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1968 Type 14

owner: ?
engine: 1835cc type 1

When Christoph sold his silver Ghia coupe, everyone knew he wouldn't be without a Ghia for long. So he quickly acquired a new Ghia project which he sold again in order to build this stunning beauty. Being a Fuchs-fanatic, Christoph's choice of wheels was no surprise. The perfectly detailed rims look the best in combination with a subtle, dark color, just like this flawless black paintjob. Awesome car.
1967 Type 14

owner: Pierre-Alain Bühler, JU
engine: stock 1300

The cool looks of this slammed Ghia may hide the fact that this is a quick "just for fun" project. Pierre-Alain installed a set of dropped spindles to get the front end to the ground, turned the rear torsion bars two splines and fitted a set of 4-lug repro BRMs. The result is this nice cruiser which unfortunately has been hit by another car so it'll need some bodywork and maybe a serious restoration. Anyway, good luck Pierre-Alain!
1958 Type 14 Convertible

owner: Paolo Tonella, TI
engine: stock 1200

Paolo bought this awesome lowlight convertible from a swedish VW enthusiast. He drove it all the way down from Sweden to Switzerland where he attended the Cruise Night Fribourg. The car is in very good condition and will need some minor detailing to hit the road again in all its beauty. Note the lowered stance, the 4.5 and 5.5 inch Sprintstars and the Abarth Exhaust.
1964 Type 14

owner: Pascal Perroulaz, FR
engine: 1835cc type 1

Having a very active aircooled Volkswagen scene, Fribourg seems to become something like Karmann-City :-). In March 2003 appeared this neat Ghia, built in the purest Cal Look tradition. The adjustable front beam is equipped with shortened shocks and a pair of CSP 5-lug discbrakes. The engine is a neat 1835 type 1 - as simple as that.
1972 Type 14

built by: Christophe Knopf, FR (sold in 2005)
engine: 2 litre type 4 Turbo

This clean and understated car is on the best way to become Switzerland's fastest Karmann Ghia. To find out more about its restoration and all the engine specs
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1968 Type 14

owner: Sonja Stalder, SO
engine: stock 1600

Very clean and nice Ghia with perfectly detailed Fuchs alloys. One of the top 15 cars at Ch_teau d'Oex 2002.
1965 Type 14

built by: Markus Gunten, SO (sold in 2005)
engine: 1641 with dual 40IDF Webers

Here's another one of the four swiss V-Dubs with BRMs. Lowered and with a nice two-tone paintjob it's one of the best Resto Cal Ghias in Switzerland. It's been featured by the german VW Speed magazine.
1965 Type 14

built by: Patrick Panchaux, VD (sold)
engine: 1600 with dual 40 Webers

Very clean, subtle and unrestored Type 14 with a set of nice 5.5 x 15 Fuchs alloys. This car recently found a new owner in Geneva.
1969 Type 34

built by: Christophe Knopf, FR (sold in 2002)
engine: 1600

Christophe bought this beautiful and unrestored Type 34 in the year 2000. It's lowered in the front and equipped with a set of black 6x15 Fuchs alloys. In the interior he installed a Nardi steering wheel and a hidden stereo. He sold this car in order to build his fast type 14.

1967 Type 34

owner: Marc Wöltinger, LU
engine: 1600

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